Why should you start a business? 6 reasons worth knowing.

Why start your own business? Top 6 things you should keep in mind.


If you have opened this page and reading the reasons to start your own business, just give a little encouraging pat on your shoulder because you have already taken the first step to your independent journey.

For an entrepreneur, mindset is a real game-changer for every step that person is going to take on the self-made road.

Living with that entrepreneurial mindset has helped you to think about WHAT you are doing and WHY. For the former question, the answer is obvious; starting your own business, and for the latter one, you are probing here.

Starting a business is a diligent step as it requires so much time and effort. Nonetheless, it is exciting but at the same time exhilarating because it demands a sincere dedication. But you can subside the daunting thought of starting a new business in seconds by just looking at the rising slope, the graph of new business applications filed in 2021 is showing.


If you take an account that in 2021, 5.4 million new applications were registered and it broke the record of 4.4 million in 2020, you will get a zeal to turn your business-owning dream into reality.


If not convinced yet? Below are 6 kicking reasons to start your online business today.

1.  You will be your boss

Do you feel yourself being unappreciated every time you present an innovative idea in front of your boss? Then it is the right time to switch to a new boss and what could be a better option other than placing yourself in the decision-making position.

It is the nature of humans to avoid taking risks and acting on the ideas they have been thinking about for years but the remarkable words of Tony Gaskins have an energetic charge to wake you out from the fear of taking risks

“If you don’t build your dreams someone will hire you to build theirs”

Enough motivation? I guess not. Then keep on moving to other reasons.



2.  Being financially independent

Waiting for a month to end so you can get some digits to increase on your bank account or finding yourself short of budget to meet your needs at the end of a month.

Yes, I have listed some perks of having 9-5 jobs. (Excuse the sarcasm)

Obviously, it is laborious to bound yourself to a limited salary. The best way to make your way out of the vicious cycle is to start your business.

You can avail several financial benefits by starting your business that can outnumber your need of working for a wage or salary.

  •   You will build an enterprise:

An upside of attached with being financially independent is, you are building an enterprise that will ensure the growth of your company as well as your wallet.

  •   Making an asset

As your business thrives, it will become worthy with passing time.


3.  Useful contributor to the community

We live in a society that is stuffed with problems and most of them arise from a lack of funding. By generating a business, you can contribute to solving some problems that prevail in society.

A notable link confirms that over the past 20 years, 65% of the net new jobs have been created by small businesses.

You can start a business to help young people in challenging times and that is a great contribution to the community.

You can take inspiration from the following entrepreneur who started something new to make a meaningful impact in society.

Professor Muhammad Younus has empowered villagers with loans and funding to assist them on financial grounds. He has familiarised the public with projects of microfinance and microcredit.

Learning various skills


When you are doing a job, you are just required to be exceptionally good in one area and you stick to that task to the level of boredom and frustration.

Meanwhile doing a business get you into multitasking because when you plunge in doing something new, that automatically gives you multiple exposures.


 In a business setting, over time you begin to take responsibilities and embark on a journey to learn a lot of skills.


Pursuing your passion

Are you doing what you really want to do? Are you pursuing something that makes you happy or something you really care about?

Because statistics show that more than 60% of people dislike the jobs they are working, only in America, while you haven’t considered other countries where the ratio even higher.

If you are not enjoying your work, it will create a gap in the performance of the company.

You can avoid this situation by doing something you are passionate about.

So, get a boost from a saying of Steve Jobs:

“Your time is limited, so do not waste it living someone else’s life.”


Building your career

When you are starting a business, you are building two things at the same time.

  •   Your brand
  •   Your team

If you work in a cooperate job, you are just another employee of the company, another ordinary nut in a machine. Your name is not linked with your work and whatever you will do, it will contribute to another person’s name.

When you start your own business, you place your name at the front. As a result, when your business grows, so does your brand and ultimately your name.

Take the example of business magnate, we have stated earlier. Steve Jobs and his renowned brand Apple Inc. If his business went down tomorrow, he could start a brand-new business from his name because, with time, his name becomes a symbol of brand and trust.


In the end, all it takes is your action to turn your ideas and dream of starting a new business into reality. Take the step that has been hovering in your head for ages. You can start from a small step but make it consistent to make a significant difference with time. And let the sky be your only limit, both personally and financially. Click to read more about it.


Final remarks

Excited about starting your own business?  Here is every reason that can help you take the initiative. You should start your own business if you want to be your boss, learn different skills, and become financially independent by creating a personal brand.

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