Herobrine is a Minecraft server bringing players together in one place

What are the best Minecraft servers? 

The universe revolves around servers. Or, at the very least, the Minecraft worlds. It’s no secret that the PC gaming community has the most competitive players globally, and the best Minecraft servers are proof of that.

It’s important to remember that different servers may run different versions of Minecraft servers. Many prominent servers have upgraded to the current 1.18 patch; however many others are still running earlier versions of the game.

All Minecraft servers are best, but I will mention only a few of them. Following are the best Minecraft servers:


IP: eu.mineplex.com or us.mineplex.com

Server: Minecraft survival server

Mineplex is the world’s largest and best Minecraft server. Mineplex is occupied by thousands of people at any given moment, with several areas and zones for a diverse range of game kinds.


IP: brawl.com

Server: Minecraft battle royale server


If you’re a Minecraft player who misses Call of Duty’s shooty-bang-gang thrills, Brawl is one of the best Minecraft servers for you.

  • Roleplay Hub

IP: roleplayhub.com

Roleplay Hub is one of the most popular and best Minecraft servers, embracing both experienced and inexperienced roleplayers.


IP: mc.hypixel.net

This is yet another best Minecraft server, and this list would be incomplete without including it. The major reason we put this server on our list is that it contains a variety of minigames that will keep you engaged for days, including Cops and Crims and a Murder Mystery, which are two of the most popular minigames.

  • Herobrine

Herobrine.org is the most popular 1.16 Minecraft server network, offering a variety of servers, including survival, sky block, factions, Earth towny, bed battles, sky wars, and more. This is where your biggest adventure begins!

The frightening legend of Herobrine is well-known among senior Minecraft players. Herobrine is certainly one of the creepiest aspects of Minecraft lore for both new and seasoned players.

Herobrine has a similar appearance to the standard Steve skin but with dazzling, glowing white eyes. He’s rumored to cause havoc on servers and hide in the depths of Minecraft worlds.

The mythology of Herobrine is well-known among Minecraft players. Thus, people who are new to the game may be unaware of its origins and existence.

Therefore, here are a few interesting facts regarding the enigmatic Herobrine that such players should be aware of.

For those who are new to Minecraft, Herobrine is a good place to start.

  • What is the Herobrine server IP?

Herobrine’s server IP address is herobrine.org. And, it is the most popular 1.16 Minecraft server network.

  • What is Herobrine’s function?

Herobrine is a Minecraft server scavenger to cause havoc. Moving blocks, demolishing blocks, and erecting constructions are among his powers. Herobrine is one of the best Minecraft servers.

  • On Herobrine, what game modes am I able to play?

On the Herobrine Minecraft Server, you can play Economy, Factions, KitPvP, and Skyblock.

  • Is Herobrine a genuine character?

Although some aspects of Herobrine’s existence have been verified as canon in the Minecraft universe, it is almost entirely fan-created.

  • Is Herobrine capable of killing Minecraft players?

If Herobrine does exist, he can indeed kill Minecraft players in-game, as seen in the original BroCraft Herobrine sighting.

  • What should I do if I want to play on the Herobrine Minecraft server?

To join the Herobrine Minecraft server following steps will help you:

Open the launcher, then pick “Multiplayer” from the menu by clicking the “Play” button.

Click the “Add Server” tab, type herobrine.org in the “Server Address” field, and then click “Done.”

To play on Herobrine, click the “Join Server” button once the connection is available and appears green.

  • What version of Herobrine is supported by the server?

Herobrine supports Minecraft version 1.16.4, although you can log in and play on the server with any older or lower version.

Wrapping Up!

Herobrine is, in general, one of the many wonders of Minecraft myth. Perhaps another urban legend as legendary as Herobrine will emerge as the game progresses. In the end, I would like to say that there is no doubt that herobrine is the best Minecraft server.

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